Twice a year my good friend Ed Farnsworth works his fingers to the bone to have a music festival in our community owned park "Liberty Lands." I have had the privilege to design the posters for this for a few years. It is the least i can do for a park i spend so much time in with my daughter and dog. It is also nice to take one job away from Ed so he can keep making the NLMF so much fun twice a year. It's also a fund raising event, so come by if your in Philadelphia and drink our local P.B.C. beer and hear the free tunes. I don't have a complete collection but i am trying to go back over old files to re-build a full archive. If you have one and i have not posted it feel free to send it to me. please enjoy.

No Lib. Music fest Logo  

Many Hands  

Flood Print Flood on 3rd st. that year.

Suns Out This fest gets rained out a lot

Smoke Mouth People bragging while smoking

Heads Turn  


Party People  

Plant a tree The Park got new trees this year

On a Date Lovers on the swings

Heads with words  

Bring Your Mom and Dad